What We Don’t Do

Repair Broken Glass: We recommend sealing small cracks. For glass with larger defects, we recommend replacement with new glass.

Restore Damage to Insulated Glass: What is this and why can’t we fix it? Insulated glass (IG) consists of two panes of glass in a single frame where a gas has been sealed between the two panes in order to create additional insulation. When the seal is compromised (by age, temperature change, gravity, or other environmental factors), the insulating gas leaks out and moisture begins to seep in. This moisture will first appear as fog, then as beads or drips of water. Eventually, the water’s solids will begin to turn white and stain the glass. This is occurring between the window’s two panes of glass. It is not an issue with the exterior sides of the window. We cannot access these interior portions to clean them. The recommendation is to replace the compromised window.*

*Check your window manufacturer’s warranty. You may be able to have them replace a defective window at no charge.