Pricing. Now we knew that was the first thing you were looking for in the Info/FAQ section, which is why we put it at the top. We also know that most service companies don’t generally like to include pricing on their websites before the job is surveyed. But we know that you want to have some idea of what our services will cost you, so these are our “generally speaking” prices, not firm and individualized quotes.

Each job is different and some jobs may require additional labor or materials in order to do the job properly. These instances will be discussed with you before any work is done. That said, most jobs will fall into the standard pricing outlined below. Generally speaking:

  • Residential one story = $150
  • Residential two story = $275
  • Residential three+ story = $400
  • Commercial storefront = $20
  • Commercial small = $30
  • Commercial medium = $50-$75
  • Commercial large = By quote only

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