What We Do

Residential & Commercial: Standard service includes interior and exterior window cleaning, including most types of residue (minimal paint, tape, or glue). Uncommonly labor-intensive jobs may need to be assessed an additional fee.

Construction Cleanup: Window cleanup after new construction or remodel to remove any plaster, paint, tape, glue, or other residue from all glass in the building (including mirrors) is included in this service. This is usually a labor-intensive and time-consuming effort. As such, each project will be quoted individually.

Glass restoration from mineral or hard-water stains: Glass stains are stubborn and won’t allow us to guarantee 100% restoration. Ever the optimists, however, we insist on guaranteeing vast and drastic improvement.

Glass protection: If you have windows that are routinely hit with tap water (generally from lawn sprinklers), we can apply a special chemical coating that will offer protection from the harmful effects of minerals in the water.

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