How We Work

HAYLO Window Cleaning's technicians work from the ground utilizing extension poles and generally without the use of ladders, ropes, or lifts. We keep the work area to a minimum and tidy space and work only during approved daylight hours. Any cleaning around entryways will be done with great consideration to persons passing through. We make every effort to minimize the remnants of water on exterior window sills and passageways. We make every effort to keep interior window sills and surrounding areas dry of water. All representatives of HAYLO Window Cleaning will be uniformed and clearly marked as part of its team. Our technicians are easily identified by our bright orange shirts and awesome squeegee skills!

HAYLO Window Cleaning is licensed and insured.

What We Use

Professional-grade mops, squeegees, and detail cloths are used on most of the glass we service. Where appropriate, pure water systems are utilized.

Where We Roll

Local to South Georgia and Metro Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

What We Think

We operate in fairness, honesty, efficiency, and proficiency. We feel very strongly about each of those things.

Our Promise

We are a well-trained bunch of window cleaning technicians. We give you professional results. However, glass is a sneaky thing. There’s little margin for error when cleaning glass. If we’ve done work for you and you thought we could have done it better, please let us know! Nothing will make us sadder than having our oversights or underperformances tolerated or overlooked. We need to know so we can make it right. We obviously spend a lot of time telling people how cool we are, and we have to be able to back that up. Street cred, you see.